Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This place is old. I haven't been here for ages. I don't think I have ever stopped blogging. I really should bring my other blog here. I think I like it here.

Anyway, it's been about 3 years since I last wrote something here. Although, I didn't write anything of any real importance when I did write here. I mainly wrote about what I ate.

I am currently eating sea salt & lime Crispy Minis. They are alright. I was going to eat cereal, but I decided against it. The kitchen is a mess and I need to clean it up.

So...my life. I guess I could let a sneak peak happen here. I'm 28. I am female. I like music, books, lentils, kites, my bike, grass, plants, candles, movies, pillows, long scraves, body art, painted toenails, not having cable, my daugher, international work, working, being an activist and peanut butter & banana sandwiches.

I live in Canada.

I often find myself in situations that I know could have been avoided, however, I tell myself not to dwell. I can usually overcome most situations just by talking them out, or writing them out.

I really like to travel and have plans to not live in Canada by next year.

I think I need a drink of water.


Thursday, April 08, 2004

I am cold. Someone warm me up.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I ate a banana for breakfast. I then had a Chai at about 11am. I like Chai.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Grade 5 Forever!
I had a boyfriend in Grade 5. We went to a movie with his parents. They bought us popcorn. Sometimes I would go to his house and we would play hide and seek and play with his pet Gerbil, her name was Vicki. His name was Simon. We held hands that year. In grade 6 we open mouth kissed in a friends play house.
Grade 5 Forever!

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